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Latest Land Rover Discovery Sport is totally revamped

Nominated by Iain Robertson as his favourite model from JLR’s stable, the stalwart Disco Sport has been comprehensively revised for a new era, which is an essential exercise for a go-anywhere car that has become a vital pillar in its overall line-up.

The name’s Martin…Aston Martin (oh, come on…you know you want to)

Despite mainstream issues, the bespoke and high-end of the sportscar industry is bubbling like fury and Iain Robertson highlights a 50-off commemorative run of Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Specials set to sell at £300,007.00 each.

If a high-end drop-top is your desire, BMW’s 8-Series takes you there

Available in just two models, 840d (320bhp diesel), or 850i (530bhp petrol), reports Iain Robertson, the latest BMW 8-Series convertible marries elegance with sporting prowess in a display of premium-priced luxury, fine build quality and high performance. 

Honda opens its order books for attention-grabbing ‘e’ model

Unveiled to tremendous acclaim at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Iain Robertson believes that the enticingly compact Honda e is set to shake-up the compact EV scene, with a compeling blend of affordability, practicality and sheer desirability.

Mazda does it again, with an all-new ‘3’ that is right from the off (Part 2)

Having delved into the dynamic aspects of the all-new Mazda3, Iain Robertson now takes its design stance into account, while also reporting from the driving seat of the classically elegant and immensely tactile new hatchback line-up.

Mazda does it again, with an all-new ‘3’ that is right from the off (Part 1)

It may be one of the smaller manufacturers but Mazda is a car brand that achieves more for each Pound spent than several of the rest put together and Iain Robertson tackles the Lowland roads of Scotland to put both petrol and diesel versions to the test.

Latest ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ Levorg from Subaru

It is very easy to adopt a ‘fallen from grace’ attitude, when writing about Subaru, explains Iain Robertson, who believes that the brand does not warrant a ‘non-entity’ status, due to its high safety, important small details and vastly improved quality.

Cutesy Fiat 500 receives revived ‘EsseEsse’ model and celebratory elements

While it is easy to regard Fiat as stuck in a 500 rut, Iain Robertson reiterates that the company has always been Europe’s ‘small car specialist’ and there are none that come more adorable than the 500, especially in more focussed 595 guises.

Toyota harks back to past glories with reintroduced Supra

The all-new Toyota GR Supra is the fifth generation of Toyota’s legendary sports car and the first global GR model from Toyota Gazoo Racing, reports Iain Robertson on the new Toyota that almost never was and is already sold out for 2019. 

All-new JCW package gifts supercar potential to hottest Mini

Whatever diet BMW is on at present, it is sure to send Mini fans scurrying to the latest John Cooper Works variants to discover their headlining figures, which Iain Robertson suggests are now pegged at super-hot-hatch levels.

Jaguar Classic recreates XK120 for Britain’s leading male model

Jaguar Classic has completed a bespoke Jaguar XK120 sports car restoration, reports Iain Robertson, that was commissioned by renowned British male model and life-long brand enthusiast, David Gandy, which will have a competition future.

19_19 celebrates Citroen’s centenary in show car style

Recalling his past knowledge of Citroen concept cars, Iain Robertson believes that the French carmaker has excelled itself with its celebratory one-off model, which is designed to preface what could lie in the company’s future transport proposition. 

Unusual series of commissioned photographs heralds new Mazda3’s arrival

Not being an ‘art expert’, Iain Robertson harbours his own views about a special run of ‘snaps’ taken by renowned British photographer, Rankin, whose middle-name used singularly is intended to grant John R Waddell an especially elevated status.

Vauxhall surges down the PHEV route with AWD Grandland X

Market and fiscal demands are directing PSA-owned Vauxhall into electrification, reports Iain Robertson, and its latest plug-in Grandland model packs in the technology, with some unusually high-performance purpose.

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