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National pride gains significant altitude with Aston Martin

Aston Martin has revealed the formation of the ‘Aston Martin Wings Series’, highlights Iain Robertson, which brings together all of the luxury marque’s aviation-related and linked promotional projects under a single, laudable, British banner.

McLaren plays a familiar tune in reviving the rights to Elva

Motorsport fans may recall a Sussex-based race-car manufacturer by the name of Elva, reports Iain Robertson, the rights to which have been acquired by one of the UK’s most successful carmakers of the modern era, McLaren Automotive.

Citroen’s hybridised C5 Aircross loses none of its practicality

While believing that fully electric vehicles are an inevitability of present and future transport legislation, Iain Robertson welcomes hybrid technology not just for its ‘best of both worlds’ premise but also for convenience and real-time frugality.

New Octavia is entirely new for Skoda as it ventures further upmarket

Invariably Golf-based and always classified as such, reports Iain Robertson, has never hindered the Octavia model’s perpetual hunt for recognition, which has been helped immeasurably by a reputation for total reliability and market acceptability.

Hyundai develops advanced anti-noise technology

Road noise is something that the motorist hears, writes Iain Robertson, which can be exceptionally distracting, repetitively annoying and ultimately disturbing; a good reason for one carmaker to invest in next step technology to eradicate it.

Idiomatic Ignis (4x4) illustrates Suzuki’s devil-in-the-details

Apart from some obscure Japanese domestic market 4x4s, Ignis’s place in the European sub-compact go-almost-anywhere scene is only contested by the Fiat Panda 4x4, writes Iain Robertson, which it can trump at every juncture.

Mini and Parkrun strike up the perfect partnership

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with parkrun.

Consumer centric design- insights into the work of the BMW Group design team

Are we there yet?

This is undoubtedly the most frequent question asked in a car, and also the key question that the automobile industry should be asking, said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, in his refreshing talk on the issue of consumer centric design at the Unfolded Design and Print Festival at the Gmund Campus in Tegernsee.

Aston Martin’s inbuilt ‘WOW!’ factor continues to inspire

When Great British carmaker Aston Martin announced a £6m twin-car subscription offer, Iain Robertson found it tough to disguise his disbelief, although, with the first reliability trials reaching completion and handovers commencing, it is suspended.

BMW: Respecting human rights in the supply chain

Respect for human rights and compliance with environmental standards are a given for the BMW Group. Sustainability is an important aspect of corporate strategy and plays a vital role in expanding electromobility.

Impressive new Design Centre for Jaguar Cars provides inside peek

Provided with an exclusive ‘behind closed doors’ appreciation of one of our nation’s important car brands, Iain Robertson agrees that the right creative environment is essential to its ongoing development and survival in an increasingly challenging scene.

Star turns Race for Remembrance

The charity that supports the rehabilitation and employment of former military personnel, Mission Motorsport, has announced a star line up in the unique Race of Remembrance at Anglesey circuit this weekend, reports Iain Robertson.

Much revised Renault Captur builds on latest Clio platform

Working to a more evolutionary than revolutionary ethos, reports Iain Robertson, Renault’s highly popular Captur continues its customer captivating process with a raft of satisfying design, engineering and detail changes that go deeper than expected.

Mazda wins Scots’ acclaim overall in its annual SCoTY awards

For the second time in the Scottish Car of The Year awards’ history, reports Iain Robertson, Mazda has been presented with a SCoTY, an accolade it last secured with the Mazda6 in 2002, at a prestigious event held near Edinburgh.

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